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June 2020 New Products and a Summer Sale

Hello to all my amazing followers! Happy Summer (Happy Winter to my Southern Hemisphere Followers)! I hope you are all finding time for  rest and relaxation. I wanted to let you know that my entire store is on sale 6/20/20 -6/22/20. Thank you to everyone who has got “HYPED UP” using my HyperDocs. I have linked some of the new hyperdocs this month below. A complete weather bundle is coming soon!  I f you are not sure how to use HyperDocs check out his video to learn more about this no prep effective product. Looking for something like hyperdocs that gives choices,  and provides more instruction days? Check out my choice boards. These include options like baking cupcakes for chemistry, a family egg drop competition for forces, drawing human body systems. Here are two new ones, End of Year and Back To School.          If you are not sure how to use Choice Boards,  check out this video to learn more about how to use this no prep and FUN product.  Enjoy the rest of June! Thanks for su