Ward's World Pendulum Lab in the Classroom

Looking for an amazing, low prep, hands-on lab? 
Then, you have to check out this, and the other amazing, products from Wards's Science. The products come with everything you need to create amazing student-led investigations. Whether your on year one, ten, or twenty these products were made for you! Here are some top tips on why these would be great in YOUR classroom.

1. Materials, Materials, Materials. 
This Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity comes with everything you need to implement 5-6 days of engaging, physical science instruction. This pendulum can be used to cover potential energy, kinetic energy, energy transfer, and wave parts. The materials are made of good quality. So, they will last through many hands-on experiments.

2. It's amazing for teachers!  
Their products are easy and effective to use in the classroom. This one comes with lesson plans, and high quality content information. Everything you need to know to teach and answer questions about mechanical waves is included in the teacher guide book. I would have loved having this product my first year of teaching. Talk about simple! One thing I really liked about his product is differentiation. Students can set up different experiments, and there is a follow up option. I see the follow up option working really good for early finishers. The follow up has the students dive deeper into the content, and relate it to the real world. 💓💓 Teachers check out Ward's World Activities for Elementary and Middle School

3. It's amazing for students! 
The products, articles, and activities offered by Ward's World are fun! I searched the website and found so many engaging resources to use with my middle schoolers. The pendulum lab is engaging and challenging, which I love. My students zone in on a lab way more when they are trying to solve a problem or investigate. The student worksheet guide them through the entire engineering process. During the investigation they will question, observe, infer, design, conduct, and analyze. The products are also aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, and Science and Engineering Practices. Students are meeting content goals, and learning requirements, while having fun!!! 💓💓

4. It's hands-on! 
Science should be hands-on and this product delivers. I love how this product can help students to "see" waves. Ward's World has done a great job of creating products to bring hard concepts to life in the classroom. I love this pendulum because students can create their own waves! Students can identify the parts of a wave (frequency, amplitude, etc) at their own student led lab station. 

Want to see the activity and all it's awesomeness? 
Check out my video below. Don't forget to hop on over to Ward's World to find a haul of amazing science resources. Also check out, Don’t read this if your school already has enough money.

(This post is sponsored by Ward's World) 


  1. Awesome Kit! Such an exciting and engaging lab experience for students! Thanks for sharing, Melissa!


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