My Top 5 Tools for Remote Learning

Welcome to The Witty Science Teacher blog! What a crazy week we have been through. I wish you peace and health! I wanted to share some ideas I have for remote learning. As of today, my school district is still attending school. However, I have seen how things can change with from one thing to another in just a few hours. Below I will share with you some of my favorite tools to use to teach digitally. 

1. Hyperdocs

Hyperdocs are a go to for me in the classroom, for sub plans, and one tool I plan to use if I need to teach remotely. Hyperdocs are basically digital webquest. You can insert links to videos, articles, simulators, etc. Then, the students can answer the questions right in the document. If you are curious about hyperdocs you can check out my YouTube video. If you are a science teacher, I have A LOT of ready to go hyperdocs for middle school in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  I also have complete hyperdoc unit bundles available. 
2. Edpuzzle
Edpuzzle is a tool that you can use to create interactive videos. You can use YouTube videos or upload your own. When student play the content, the videos will stop and the students will have to answer questions. This is a great way to hold students accountable during remote learning times. Another great thing about Edpuzzle is you don't have to "reinvent the wheel". Edpuzzle has a library full of videos with questions that other teachers have already created. All you have to do is copy it to your content library, make sure you like all the questions, and save it. You can sync your Google Classroom classes to edpuzzle for a quick and easy way to assign the edpuzzle assignments.

3. Nearpod
Nearpod is another online platform that delivers good quality content and holds students accountable. It is like having a google slides presentation that students can answer questions in, insert drawings, etc. Teachers also receive a report with student engagement details. Nearpod has ready made lessons that you can easily assign in Google Classroom.

4. Quizizz
Quizizz is good for assessment. This tool is a game like assessment. My middle school students love quizizz, because it is fun and engaging. The students answer questions and receive points, powers, memes as reward. Teachers can receive a report of class average, percentage correct and incorrect for each answer, etc. Quizizz games can be assigned in google classroom or you can give students a game code. Students can be allowed one attempt, or multiple attempts.

For digital learning, I like to only allow one attempt at the assessment. Then, the students have to write the question and correct answer, for each question they miss. Last, they have to upload an image of the writing they did. I don't let them type it, because they can just copy and paste.

5. Google Classroom and Google Tools
I have already mentioned this one several times in the other sections. The ease of  using the other tools would not be possible without Google Classroom. Google classroom is great to use with other internet tools, but it is also great to use with Google tools. I mention above how Google Docs can be used as hyperdocs, those can be assigned in Google Classroom. If you already have pre-made lesson in Google Slides, use them! Record a voice over, use Screencastify, or Manycam to teach those slides. They can be added to Google Classroom from your drive. Want your students to make a poster or infographic? Google draw is an amazing tool to accomplish that. You can create the assignment post in Google Classroom. Then the students can attach their google drawings to the post.

Do you have an online tool that you plan to use or are already using? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below.

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  1. WOW! I was right when I said, " Things change quickly". Less than 2 hours after I posted this blog, schools in my state were closed. My first lesson is finished. I chose to record my lesson on many cam, upload to YouTube, and import it to edpuzzle. Now, my students have a normal lesson from me, with edpuzzle to hold them accountable. How did your first remote learning lesson go?


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