How To Do Classroom Transformations

"Good Morning, Dr Kennedy!" "Good Morning, Doctors!" That is how we greet each other during human body labs week, when my classroom becomes a hospital.  I love classroom transformations, and they don't have to be expensive. Students love classroom transformations, and they stay engaged. I like to do one new transformation a year. Then, I keep the supplies to reuse. I am only on my third year of teaching. So, it's time to make a new one. My next one is planned for ecology. Check out my two previous classroom transformations below. (I have included affiliate links to the supplies I use.)

My first classroom transformation was Human Body Hospital Labs. My 7th graders have to learn about the human body systems, and diseases. After studying the information, I transform the lab for investigations. I cover the lab tables with white plastic table cloths from Amazon. Then I splash the cloths with a little bit of red paint. This helps to set the scene of an emergency room. Last, I hang up spotlights over each table to resemble surgery lights. The students all receive a re-usable name tag that says Dr. (last name), and a plastic apron. They will use this name tag and apron for four days. During these four days they try to "save their patient" at each table. Each lab station is set up with a different hands-on human body investigation. They have to try to answer all of the lab questions, and diagnose the patient with the disease that is impacting that system. 

My second classroom transformation was for Geologic Time. My first year teaching I realized this was a hard concept to get. I could not figure out how to make this hands-on. My second year it hit me, MAKE A MUSEUM! We did just that and it turned out phenomenal. Each group was assigned a  certain era. Then, I roped off sections of the classroom, and hung up black plastic table cloths.  I made under construction signs to hang up at each exhibit work area. Last, I made a sign for the museum opening day (day after the due date). After that, the students transformed the classroom. They turned each roped off area in to a magnificent exhibit! It was so much fun.  Everyone showed off their exhibits while we toured the museum. Check out my video below of the exhibits. 

(Click the image to head over to my YouTube video. )


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