How to Use Screencastify and Edpuzzle in the Classroom

I am currently on my third year teaching. My first year I discovered how much teachers have to work just to be out. Whew! I had a Sub Tub, but the materials in it were not on the content the students were currently learning. I was stressed just to be out, because I didn't want to lose days on my
content. My second year, I started looking into flipping my classroom. I noticed while researching, that I could take those tips and apply it to sub plans. LIFE SAVER!

My second year, I started using Screencastify to record the screen on my computer. This program records my lesson on the screen, and my voice as I teach. After doing that, I would type up a worksheet for the students to do while they watched the video. Then, I would attach it to a post in my Edmodo Classroom, and BAM! My plans were complete without having to go to my classroom.

I started realizing that the students were not watching ALL of the lessons. They were just skipping around to find the answers to the worksheet. Again, I started researching a better way and came across Edpuzzle. This program allows you to turn videos into lessons, reinforce accountability, and track progress. YES! That was what I needed.

Now, after I record my lessons on Screencastify, I upload them to my Edpuzzle account. From here I can insert questions that the students have to answer, as they watch the video. And the best part you ask? They cannot skip the video! Also, I can see their answers in live time. This makes using these two together a great tool not only when I am absent, but also when I am in the class. I love it so much that I became a certified Edpuzzle Coach.

Watch my video to see how I use it, and why it is a LIFESAVER for teachers. Click the image below to head on over to my YouTube page.

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