How to Make 💩 a Hands on Digestive System Lesson

Middle Schoolers love gross and fun (so do I). This Poop Lab modeling brings all of that together in one amazing hands-on lesson, that they will never forget!

My 7th graders need to know the digestive system function, and the organs that aid in digestion. This lab uses all the primary organs of digestion, and the digestive juices from the secondary organs. I usually have the students do a writing activity based on the digestive system, a few days before the lab to lay a foundation. That assignment prepares them for the quickness of the lab.  The most time consuming part for the teacher is prepping the lab. I have learned to have students help. Together we can complete the lab set up in 10 minutes. Alone it takes me over an hour to set it up.

For set up, each group gets a station with all of the materials. You can see below what I use for each organ. In addition to those materials, you will need a sandwich. I use white bread and refried beans. This ends up looking like ja peanut butter sandwich, but you do not have to worry about allergies. If you want the poop to be darker in the end, than it is in my video below,  mix some cocoa powder into the beans. You will also need materials for the digestive juices. Here is what I use: saliva (water), bile (Mountain Dew), and hydrochloric acid (Sprite). In my How to Make Poop Lab Tutorial video, coming soon, I will show you how to prep everything for the lab.

After doing the lab, the students have a lab sheet to answer. They don't do it while they work, because it is too messy. You can see a preview of my lab sheet, Let's Make Poop, on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

To see a quick video of the lab from start to finish, click the image below to head on over to my YouTube  page. Hope you enjoy it! ðŸ’©ðŸ’©ðŸ’©ðŸ’©

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