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Gibby - Guinea Pig

Click the image below to be redirected to my YouTube video all about Gibby.

2 of 4 videos on my classroom pets are now posted. Check them out, and leave me a comment!

This video is all about Gibby, my classroom guinea pig. You can find some of the items I show in the video listed below. Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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Talester- Fancy Leopard Gecko

This video is all about my first classroom pet, Talester. He is a fancy leopard gecko. You can find some of the items I show in the video listed below. Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Click the image below to head over to my YouTube Channel and learn about Talester.

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Little Bit of Lesson Planning for the Big One 💩

One of my most "famous" labs I do is modeling the digestive system. The 7th graders start with a sandwich and model the entire process of the digestive system. The final product is "poop". This has been a partner lab in the past. So, I decided tonight that everyone should make their own poop!! Right now I am editing my documents to create individual instructions for the lab.

💩💩. Check back later for a lesson/lab setup blog, and a post "Poop Lab" blog.
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First Video


Why do I teach? 1,2,3

Every teacher is asked a certain question, at least once. Why do you teach? I think all of us have a reason why. Whether it is playing teacher as kids, being a teachers kid, loving school, etc. My reason for teaching comes from a few different places. 

1. I always wanted to be a teacher. I remember getting a little, Sanrio Surprises Keroppi, About Me card in 3rd grade. One line said, "When I grow up I want to be a __________________." I quickly wrote astronaut/teacher. I really wanted to go to the Moon when I was younger. However, I ended up with the best of both worlds, a SCIENCE TEACHER. Honestly, I am glad I did not do the astronaut thing, because now it is pretty much only good for Mars. That is just too far from home, and I can't watch Stranger Things on Mars.

2. I LOVED middle school. Yes, I said it. I LOVED middle school. I know most people HATE middle school. Puberty, drama, and stuck in the middle. Not me, it was the best! I had the most amazing science teachers, …