June 2020 New Products and a Summer Sale

Hello to all my amazing followers! Happy Summer (Happy Winter to my Southern Hemisphere Followers)! I hope you are all finding time for  rest and relaxation. I wanted to let you know that my entire store is on sale 6/20/20 -6/22/20. Thank you to everyone who has got “HYPED UP” using my HyperDocs. I have linked some of the new hyperdocs this month below. A complete weather bundle is coming soon! 

If you are not sure how to use HyperDocs check out his video to learn more about this no prep effective product.

Distance Learning Giveaway!


Distance Learning Science Materials

Hello to all my amazing followers! Can you believe it is almost May? I hope you are all doing well during this crazy time. No matter where you are today, we have all probably experienced every emotion possible! We are all in this together and I am thinking about you! 
Thank you to everyone who has got “HYPED UP” using my HyperDocs. I have linked some of the new hyperdocs this month below. An Astronomy HyperDoc Bundle is in the works and will be coming SOON! 

If you are not sure how to use HyperDocs check out his video to learn more about this no prep effective product. 

Ward's World Pendulum Lab in the Classroom

Looking for an amazing, low prep, hands-on lab?
Then, you have to check out this, and the other amazing, products from Wards's Science. The products come with everything you need to create amazing student-led investigations. Whether your on year one, ten, or twenty these products were made for you! Here are some top tips on why these would be great in YOUR classroom.

1. Materials, Materials, Materials.
This Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity comes with everything you need to implement 5-6 days of engaging, physical science instruction. This pendulum can be used to cover potential energy, kinetic energy, energy transfer, and wave parts. The materials are made of good quality. So, they will last through many hands-on experiments.

2. It's amazing for teachers!  Their products are easy and effective to use in the classroom. This one comes with lesson plans, and high quality content information. Everything you need to know to teach and answer questions about mec…

Distance Learning and Choice Boards

Happy mid-April! What a ride this month has been. One month since we started distance learning, and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions! Hyperdocs and edpuzzle saved my teacher mind. Thank goodness, because I lost my sanity to teaching my daughter 3rd Grade math and language arts. 😜

Now that things are starting to calm down, and I am getting the hang of things, I tried something new with my science students. Don't get me wrong I still love my Hyperdocs, but I wanted to give them a change of assignment. Plus, these choice boards give them options of how they learn, and how they produce the material.  The great thing with choice boards is no matter what option they choose, I know they get the content they need. Below you can see an example of one of my choice boards. 

Choice boards are great because, like hyperdocs, they contain everything the students need to complete the task, learn, and be engaged. A plus about choice boards is they are interactive.

You can check out all my …

Biomes Lesson for Middle School

This is a biomes lesson for my 7th graders. It includes a bell ringer, lesson, and extension activity. Feel free to use!

My Top 5 Tools for Remote Learning

Welcome to The Witty Science Teacher blog! What a crazy week we have been through. I wish you peace and health! I wanted to share some ideas I have for remote learning. As of today, my school district is still attending school. However, I have seen how things can change with from one thing to another in just a few hours. Below I will share with you some of my favorite tools to use to teach digitally. 

1. Hyperdocs

Hyperdocs are a go to for me in the classroom, for sub plans, and one tool I plan to use if I need to teach remotely. Hyperdocs are basically digital webquest. You can insert links to videos, articles, simulators, etc. Then, the students can answer the questions right in the document. If you are curious about hyperdocs you can check out my YouTube video. If you are a science teacher, I have A LOT of ready to go hyperdocs for middle school in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  I also have complete hyperdoc unit bundles available. 
2. Edpuzzle Edpuzzle is a tool that you can use to…