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Hyped up for HyperDocs

You may be wondering what the heck is a hyperdoc? Well let me tell you it is an awesome tool to use in the classroom! Maybe you have heard of  web quest . A hyperdoc is kind of like that. For the most part, it is a Google Doc with a lot of awesome stuff. Hyperdocs contain links to sites where students can access the infomation you want them to get. Goodbye class time wasted due to incorrect URLs being typed!

Another great thing about hyperdocs is differentiation. I can create lessons that accommodate so many different learning needs. Hyperdocs also allow the students to move at their own pace. Plus, I am available to work with students who need more help.

If you are looking for ways to create a more student centered classroom, then  you need to check out hyperdocs. If you are a science teacher I have many hyperdocs available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Click the link to get started!

Flexible Seating Update.


This project was fully funded thanks to Ripple and #bestschoolday on Donor's Choose. I am so thankful!

So, my adorable classroom is not what I thought it was. It turns out my middles DO NOT like sitting on the floor. They also do not like sitting on barstools. I have found that no matter how AMAZING flexible seating looks, it has to be comfortable. Now what?...... Well I did what I know best, and created a Donors Choose! Check it out in the link below! And SHARE, SHARE, SHARE

This is what it looked like. Stay tuned for the new look IF my project gets funded!

5 Reasons To Buy The Merge Cube

I recently bought four Merge Cubes for my classroom. I loved that I could bring the solar system, body systems, and fossil digging right inside my science classroom. Not only are the cubes amazing, but they are an awesome price! I purchased two of the Two for $10 deals on Amazon.

1. iOS or Android
The apps for the Merge Cube works for both devices. So, what ever device you have already wether it is your personal device or a school device, it will work with this awesome piece of technology. 

2. Apps are Free or Cheap
Most of the apps are not going to break the bank. The one's that I have download to use for my classroom were all free or $1.99. I would spend this on Teachers Pay Teachers in a heartbeat! So, a few dollars is no big deal for an app that is so engaging. 
3. VR Goggle Compatible

 The interactive apps also can be switched to vr mode. All you need is a pair of vr goggles with a button. The goggles have to have the button for the interactive part of the apps to work.

4. Visual…

3 Ways To Make Learning Dirt Fun!

Can you imagine what it is like to sit in a room and learn about dirt? Sounds boring, right? That is what I was doing to my 7th graders my first two years of teaching. The crazy thing is there was dirt right outside my classroom, just waiting to be explored! I am going to tell you three ways I took learning soil out of the classroom, and made it FUN!

1. Soil Profile

My first year teaching we studied soil profile with classroom visuals (yawn). My second year we made edible layers. Fun, BUT by the end everyone had consumed so much sugar that we had no clue we were even at school. This year, I finally nailed it! The students first learned the layers in the classroom with me. Then I gave them a handout that included an overview of the layers, and what each layer contains. The students were sent outside to create their own soil profile. They had to gather items outside that could represent each layer, and create a soil profile in their clear cup. In the images you can see the worksheet they …

Convergent, Divergent, and Transform Plate Boundaries - a Hands - on Lab for Middle School

My latest lab that I did with my 8th graders was Plate Tectonics. They have to study convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries. They also need to know what events happen at each boundary. This lab is the perfect way to learn it, show it, and get messy! To prepare for this lab each student will need the following materials.
Materials: Plate Two full graham crackers broken in half Cool whip Paper towels/baby wipes for easy clean up ** I like to put a little bit of red and orange food dye in the cool whip. This helps to make it look more like the mantle.
For the lab, each plate needs to have the cool whip spread across the plate. (smaller plates will be easier and cheaper). The cool whip will represent the mantle and the graham crackers will represent continental and oceanic crust. Then the student’s will slide the crackers around on top of the cool whip to represent each plate boundary.
During the lab the students will model a transform boundary by rubbing the crackers together. Then…